Thanks for checking out the Beta! RapStock.io is free to signup and play. RapStock.io has elements of a "Virtual Stock Market" game and "Fantasy Football".You buy "shares" or "draft" rappers who you think will do well in the hip-hop industry. If they are successful, you win real rewards.


  • Scroll Through Featured Rappers
  • Learn More About Your Favorite Artists
  • Listen To Their Top Tracks
  • Find The Next Big Artist Before They Go Viral

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  • Invest By Rotating A Dial To Buy Shares
  • View Stock Price History
  • View All Current Trades
  • 1% Transaction Fee Upon Selling

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How Prices Are Calculated:

  • Spotify Follower Counts and Song Popularity Updated Every 3 Hours
  • Soundcloud and Billboard Data Are Also Tracked
  • Algorithm Combines Data To Price Each Artist
  • Well Known Artists Have Stable Prices: Low Risk, Low Reward
  • Upcoming Artists Have Volatile Prices: High Risk, High Reward

Leaderboard & Rewards

  • View Global Rankings on Leaderboard
  • See Prizes Redeemable With In-Game Points

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  • Monitor Portfolio Performance
  • Read Hip Hop News
  • Participate in Daily Polls